Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day

I had a fabulous Mother's Day. It started with sleeping in until 8. Anyone that knows me knows that I love to sleep.

The Hoard was so excited to give me their gifts they made. Seriously, they were so cute. 

Even Trent got me something. And he is the best at writing love notes too. Perfect wrapping for a gift.

Loved all the hand made gifts, the notes, the pictures, and cute Aiden even gave me 9 of his dollars. They really are great kids.

Trent made me breakfast.

Which was delicious.

And I got the royal treatment complete with foot rubs.
We did make it out to see our own wonderful moms as well. Unfortunately some one forgot to take any pictures. But we are pretty lucky to have 2 of the best moms around.
Happy Mothers Day to All!

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