Saturday, May 4, 2013

Luke's Graduation

Luke graduated. And he invited us all to come celebrate with him. Jill was nice enough to watch The Hoard for me and before I even left she had them playing games. She is awesome.
We arrived and found our seats. We could tell early on that we were in for a treat.

So we passed time taking funny pictures and pretending to be bored. Well, we weren't pretending really.

It was so boring some of us were reading the scriptures. Now that's saying something.

We were finally able to get out and really congratulate Luke.

And of course Luke is never serious.

And a big shout out to Kimmy who had to have a husband in school for 8 + years. She deserves to celebrate as well!

We hit up Rodizio Grill to really celebrate.

And I was so looking forward to trying some of their Winter Wonderland and come to find out they don't make it anymore. I explained to Leo that he should make sure they take down that billboard in Salt Lake then because it is false advertising. And wouldn't you know he had some Winter Wonderland made especially for me.

It was a fantastic night of celebrating and so happy for Luke to finally be done with school!

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