Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rainy Weekend

It was a very rainy, but fun weekend. Friday night we went up to Ogden to get Trent's race packet. The kids always love the trains. However this year there were signs all over not to climb on them. That was not fun. Fortunately there was a bouncy house the kids played to make up for it.
They did break the rules a little bit and Oakley wanted her picture taken while doing so.

The next morning I was planning on getting up and going to the finish line to see Trent. But when I got up it was pouring. Once again not a good wife. I just didn't feel like standing in the rain for an hour...
We spent the weekend painting.

 Andrew's is on the left, in case you couldn't tell.

The kids made a huge fort they were going to sleep in.
Andrew was so tired he forgot where the fort was.

But eventually found it.

And that was our weekend.

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Sarah S said...

Oakley is full of facial expressions apparently! And I love the comparison of the painted houses. You've inspired me to make shorter updates {using my Instagram photos} so that is my new goal to ensure I update our personal blog more often...we'll see if it actually happens!