Friday, May 30, 2008

Diarrhea, Vomit, and Endless Laundry

It has been a very long week. Not only has Trent been gone, but I have had sick kids. It seems whenever Trent goes on a little vacation I have to deal with sickness.
Aiden was sick all day Thursday. I think he threw up about 8 times. Poor kid.
Oakley was sick Monday night and Tuesday. She is better in this picture. She thought she was pretty cool wearing Aiden's shoe and glasses.
So far, Andrew and I have been saved from the excess of bodily functions. Andrew was so good yesterday playing by himself with his buddy, Aiden, being under the weather.
Paige and Morgan have had a little of both worlds. I cleaned their sheets Tuesday and this morning after I came in and found throw up all over. And in this pic, they are dressed in different colors because they kept on alternating pooping through their clothes. At least they are happy, sick babies.
We will survive, as we always do, but maybe next time I might be a little more hesitant when Trent wants to go somewhere.


Cecilie said...

you have such cute kids. It is always CRAPPY (get it!) when they're sick. We definitely need to make a girls vacation. Where did Trent go anyways didn't he just have a vacation with you?

hbentley said...

Sorry we skipped out on you today. I hope they all get better and we don't have someone throwing up in our picture!! Suprisingly, all you kids look so happy. When mine don't feel good you think they were on deaths door.

Jill said...

I am impressed with how good your kids are when they are sick! Your girls are the best! I love the outfits, even if you can't stand the different colors. Good thing Trent isn't around.

JamieN said...

First of all, I'm so sorry that I'm a dud of a sister-in-law. How nice of me to abandon ship as soon as Oakley threw up. I'm apologize.

I can't believe it's going through the kids. I guess you got your wish that your other kids would get it so they'd just sit around. Did that really work?

Side note: I think that is the first time I have EVER seen either sets of your twins in non-matching clothes.

Trent said...

This is why I never ask to go anywhere. Everything always seems to fall apart when I take off. For the record, I think it was Amy's idea that I assist Jake with his move. I'm sorry that things have been so rough there. Thank you for letting me ride with Jake to St. Louis. It was an amazing trip.

bjensen said...

I don't know how you do it. You are wonder woman! You should have your own super hero movie. I'd go see it. Do you think I could be your sidekick?

Wade Family said...

Amy- that totally stinks! Your kids are so cute...I can't believe how happy they are even when they are sick. I hope Trent is coming home soon!

Jacob Jensen said...

To the Jensen Hoard,

The past week and a half was great! The five days with you both in New York was such a blessing. It was a time when I could share my life with my two favorite people. Thank you for coming!

The ensuing four days were also highly memorable. What a special opportunity to spend so much time with my brother.

Thank you for all your efforts to make such times happen. My enjoyment came at the expense of many others' sacrifice - especially you Amy. THANK YOU!!!

Annie said...

Oh, Amy. I just don't know how you do it . . . with healthy kids . . . let alone sick ones. Hope things are looking up for you guys now that Trent's back. (Your kids are always so cute.)