Monday, October 13, 2008

The "Overdose" Weekend

We had an extra loooong weekend. Jake came to town so Trent took Friday off and he had Monday of because it was a "holiday." (you gotta love banking hours!) Jake flew in Thursday night and you would have thought it was Christmas at our house. The kids got to stay up late (way too late) to see Jake come home. They were waiting in the front room, looking out the window. It was pretty cute. The night ended watching The Office. It was a great way to start out our weekend of Jake.

Friday we met some of the Jensen crew for lunch at Yanni's. A Jensen favorite. Here is where the "overdose" of food began. Gyros, Souvlakas, salads, and, of course, fries and fry sauce. Delicious.

Saturday morning Trent and Jake went on a small run before the big games began. They finished their 20 miler just as the party was starting. They ran a total of 35 miles while Jake was here. Yet another "overdose." Who does that?

Then the sport watching began. I would have never thought people could watch so many hours of sports. Saturday consisted of eating too much food and watching too much television. But, the food was good and I suppose the games were good. I didn't see too much of them.
Heidi made an excellent horse for ALL the kids. She got a good work out. She is always playing with the kids. It is great!
Paige and Oakley were trying to help Jamie feed Annie. Look at Annie's cute chub!
Grandpa Brad was a jungle gym for the night. My kids were all over him.

And here is Jake. He came here for a vacation and got stuck doing loads of dishes.
That night it started snowing. Aiden and Andrew were in heaven. They loved it.
I love this picture. I couldn't see them until the flash went off, so I got pretty lucky getting a good shot!
Who needs sleds?

Sunday consisted of church, food, naps, football, more food, football, baseball, and sleep. Honestly, we really did "overdose" in all these areas this weekend.
Monday was the last day of Jake's visit. We decided to head out to Molca Salsa for one more binge fest. The adults picked up some breakfast burritos and tacos and we went to McDonalds for the kids. It was a perfect combination! After being filled one last time we went to REI for a little shopping, always a fun experience with 5 kids...

When it was time for Trent to Jake to the airport Andrew got pretty upset. He started crying and really didn't want Jake to leave. He said he was going to "broke the plane" so Jake couldn't go. Oakley then added that she would "shoot the plane" so Jake couldn't go. Aiden slept through the departure. Later, Andrew asked me why we didn't "get in the jeep and chase Jake." They love their Uncle Jake.

Trent has named this past weekend the "overdose" weekend, because of the excess food, running, and t.v. watching (and an overdose of kids for Jake I'm sure.) We're guessing Jake was very glad to get out of this crazy house and have some piece and quiet. We are a lot to handle, especially for 4 days straight. Yikes. Poor Jake.


Jake and Becky Veigel Family said...

Sounds really fun. I can't beleive it has already snowed

ajensen said...

SNOW!?!?! wow. jake really does seem like an ideal uncle and 35 miles is pure ridiculousness for a 3 day weekend. nice work.

Glenae said...

You have such fun family times!!!

hbentley said...

Very fun weekend. Thanks for letting us hang out Saturday. Nothing better than food, family and fun!!! Your house always has the three. It looks like the remaining time with Jake was wonderful.

Annie said...

Sounds like a fun overdose weekend! I love how mad your kids were that when Jake left. So cute.

Tom and Dayna said...

That is one thing I am not going to miss, the snow! I'm sure it's fun when you're kids are old enough to enjoy it. But until then, no snow for me.

cwilson said...

You're kids comments on wanting to broke the plane and shoot it down were hillarious! Matt and I laughed! Sounds like they love their uncle and that you all had a great time!

Jamie N said...

So sad to see Jake go. You were so nice to do SO much, Amy. Wow. You probably need another weekend to recover from this past weekend. It was all such yummy food and great company. Thanks for organizing so much and having us up on Sat. I'm sorry if I over stayed my welcome. I just like you guys so much!