Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Visit From Oliver!

My kids have been sick ever since little Oliver came into this world, so last night was the first time they got to see him! Kimmy brought him up for a little visit. He is the cutest little thing and all my kids were infatuated with him.
My whole hoard checking out his cuteness. What would it be like to just have one???
I absolutely LOVE this picture of them. They were tickling his feet trying to get him to wake up. I am not sure he appreciated it too much!
Then it was my turn. Little babies are so precious, but I am glad it is Kim and Luke going through the newborn months and not me! Don't get me wrong, I love my kids, but I would be in a mental institute if I had any more...;)

My kids were so funny about Oliver. Here are a few things they said:

*Aiden, "She is a boy like me!"

*Oakley told Kimmy she heard him talking. Kimmy asked Oakley what he said and Oakley said, "Oink, Oink." I guess maybe his grunts sounded a little like a pig???

*When we told Andrew that Kimmy had her baby and named him Oliver he said, "All of her babies?" I had to explain that his NAME was Oliver, not how many babies she had.


Sarah said...

He looks adorable! That picture of your three kids watching him is so cute ~ they all just look amazed!

The Shumway's said... those funny!!

hbentley said...

Way cute pictures of your kids enjoying the baby. Your kids like babies so much maybe you should add more to your hoard. Really would you guys notice if any more were running around???

Eric, Dee Dee, and Braxton said...

I love the comments your kids made. I was actually laughing out loud! It is cute to see how much they love their little cousin!

Maga said...

Love your blog with the cute pictures and cute saying by your cute kids!!Keep it up

tiffany and darren said...

I too am really excited about the movie!! You will have to let me know what you think. Darren is jealous about my post, he thinks it is "pathetic." It's funny I saw this thing that says, "My neck belongs to Edward, my heart belongs to my husband," super cheesy, yes, but a little true. After reading the whole series though, I became a Jacob fan. I hope the actor can play the part!

Chesney said...

This post made me laugh so hard. Kids such the cutest things. I think you should keep a log of the funny things they say! I love the name Luke and Kimmy chose. How fun to have another baby around to play with.

JamieN said...

I love seeing little babies. I'm always surprised how little they are. I know Annie is getting bigger, but I don't realize it so much until I see a newborn. So cute.

Congrats to Luke and Kimmy. Hopefully their baby doesn't get a flat head like ours. :)

Putnam Family said...

How fun I bet your kids loved that. They are all so cute all huddled around him. And he looks like a cutie too