Monday, October 20, 2008

An Uneventful Weekend

I have nothing to post. Our weekend was not so exciting, so I will just give you the "highlights."

  • Watching the Red Sox beat the Rays Saturday and, sadly, watching them lose last night.

  • Enjoying the good weather with the kids. I am kind of dreading winter...

  • Leaving early in the morning to drive 45 mins to check a patients blood sugar and give him insulin while his wife gets to sleep in. What is that?

  • Trent realizing Saturday night after midnight that he is supposed to teach the lesson in Elders Quorum.

  • Returning 2 of my shirts, 2 kid shirts, and 1 pair of kid pants to the outlets AND getting in return-3 T-shirts, 3 "nicer" shirts, 1 long sleeved button up shirt, 1 sweater, 1 sweatshirt, and 1 pair of capris for $1 less than the amount I returned. Aeropostal was having the BEST sale ever!

  • Having Sunday dinner with the Veigels. It was the first time Oliver has experienced dinner with the Veigel clan!

  • Hanging out with my friend Cecilie and kiddos on Friday. She is ALWAYS a good time.

  • Going to the mall with all 5 kids and getting Trent dress clothes.

  • Aiden climbing up on a huge shelf at the Gap and saying "I am going to die" when he couldn't get back down.

  • Having the kids run inside to tell me there was a "mean bird" by the sand box. It appears Woody Woodpecker is visiting us for a while.

  • Watching the new Indiana Jones. Not the best. Didn't like the ending of the show.

  • Missing Kimmy's shower because I simply forgot. I really am sorry Kimmy!

  • Basically surviving another weekend with the hoard....

I went to my camera to post some pics from the weekend and the only one I had was of the dumb bird??? Sad. A woodpecker is the highlight of our weekend.


hbentley said...

I guess we have to learn to find the little things to get excited about. Congrats on the great finds. There is nothing better than getting alot more at a great price.

bjensen said...

Sounds like fun to me! You guys packed a lot into a little amount of time. You'r not excited for winter!? I have a plan, come down to St. George, LOTS!

Jamie N said...

Nice work on the shopping! You're a true Jensen.

My favorite part of this post? Aiden saying he's going to die. Oh my gosh. That is so funny!

I also thinks is hilarious that you completely forgot about Kimmy's shower. So funny!

Tom and Dayna said...

Aeropostal in one of the best. I love how they always have GREAT sales. Now I just can't wait until I fit back into those cute clothes.

Annie said...

I loved this weekend recap and love that the bird is the picture of the weekend! :)

And, I've decided I can never again complain about shopping with my two girls. You're a champ!

Luke & Kimmy said...

I don't know how you got so lucky with such great deals. My sister and I went up to PC yesterday and I couldn't find anything. You'll have to show me all your purchases

akdoxey said...

I played a little catch up on your blog. Love the pictures. I haven't gone to get pics in over a year. We don't even have any "real" ones of Paige. It's so flippin hard here! Where do you get the cute head bands for your girls? Your kids are so adorable.