Saturday, April 23, 2011

Date Night

We enjoyed a night out with our friends the Capsons. We love hanging out with these guys. Its one of those relationships where we just clicked and the rest is history.

We wined and dined at Red Rock.

And when I say wined I mean we consumed cream soda and coke. Blake did ask for his cream soda without the ice so it really did look like beer. ;)

We had delicious calamari, bruscetta, steak, fries, turkey sandwich, fish and chips, and a caprese sandwich-all so good.

Thanks Capsons for the good time, good food, and good laughs. Its always a pleasure.

And Happy Birthday Blake!

(And check out my earings. Most of you know I never wear dangling earings. I am branching out a bit. I am pretty sure Trent is hating it.)


Andrea said...

Your earrings are actually one of the first things I noticed! Love darling with your extra cute hair.

Amy said...

Ooh, I'm craving that yummy bruschetta today. Not so much the little calamari guys,but the rings were good. :) I LOVE your earrings,they are adorable. It was a blast as always. Thanks for a fun night!

P.S. amy, I think Satellite kids are super cool. at least the ones that went to Washington Elem. ;)

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