Friday, April 15, 2011

Guess Who?

I found these on my camera.

Someone stole it and had a little bit of fun.

Any guesses who it might have been?







Miss Oakley


Dayna said...

Looks like you have a talented photographer in the making.

Kim said...

Ha! I have mysterious photos on my camera phone of a mouth, the dashboard, me driving, shoes, bums (not bare ones, just the back of someones pants) and half the face of the one taking them, Andrew.

That picture doesn't look like Oakley. She looks so different close up like that.

Kristi said...

Those are super cute photos. very modern art-esque.

Andrea said...


Maga said...

The birthday girl in 10 days deserves some fun doesn't she?

Angela said...

She's quite the little photographer! How cute. :)

Brett and Jessica said...

Love the pictures! They are actually pretty good!

Becky said...

They actually look quite artistic! Way to go Oakley! And, I wish I looked as good in my "fat shirts" as the little girlies!