Sunday, April 17, 2011


What is the 7 day forecast? A chance of rain most every day. Yuck.

And do you know what melting snow and rain make? Mud. And do you know who loves to get in said mud? My boys. I, for one, am not a fan of the weather, the mud, or my boys thinking they have to play in every mud puddle they find.


And just a side note, this picture of Aiden wasn't even one of the bad mud experiences. The other day I found them (after a half hour of searching the neighborhood) a couple blocks away covered with an inch of mud from their toes to their hands. Needless to say I was too mad to take pictures. And the boys had their first grounding after that as well....not so much for the mud, but for wandering off and not telling me where they were going.

Hopefully they learned their lesson.


scharee said...

The mud looks bad...but your mudroom is looking good!

Andrea said...

Hate the rain, hate the mud, hate that feeling when I can't find one of my kids. The grounding was totally appropriate!

Kim said...

I hate cleaning up muddy clothes and kids.

Good thing you have that brand new washer eh?