Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tangled Obsession

Miss Oakley turned 5 on Monday.

And all she wanted was a Tangled party. She has watched the movie a bazillion times. And she knows most of the songs by heart.

I was going to make a bunch of lanterns for her decorations, but just the one did me in. So I opted for frying pans instead.

And Oakley didn't want a cake, so I just made some cupcakes and called it good. You have to blow a candle out in something right?

Oakley loved her lantern. And her cute dress is from Aunt Brooke who is equally obsessed with Tangled.

The party consisted of lots of pizza, followed by a Treasure Hunt.

The kids were supposed to follow Rapunzel's hair, but they didn't quite get it.

We watched some home movies,

Opened some presents (thanks to all!),

Played with those presents,

Had a dance party,

Made a wish,

Licked the frosting,

While Jenny stole the camera and made the rounds,

And we played the cupcake game,

(I think I look like a rabbit or something. Actually, we all look rather pretty. ;))

Aiden and Andrew found an interesting way to play with their treasure hunt toys.

And Oakley had the best 5 year old party one could ask for.

We love you Oaks!!!


Allen's said...

So cute! What a fun theme for a little girl's party!

Angela said...

SOOO CUTE!! Megan is obsessed with Tangled too! You are such a fun mom! Happy Birthday Oakley!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! Where did you get the frying pans? Also how did you make the lantern? Jocelyn wants a TANGLED party as well.

Maga said...

CUTE MISS OAKLEY and cute new hair cut Mom with clever ideas!!!!

Kim said...

Oakley is the cutest little 5 year old girl I know and you really do have the coolest ideas for birthday parties.

Julie said...

I love the frying pans and the lantern. Your boys with those things up their noses - AHHH! That would really freak me out, I think. So far Kate hasn't been one to put things in her orifices. Well, except her mouth. She pretty much only puts things in her mouth. Happy birthday, Oakley!

Amber said...

she is adorable Amy! What a fun day for her!