Friday, April 29, 2011

Our Easter

Finally getting to our Easter post.

We had a great Easter here at The Hoard. Filled with painting, dyeing, hunts, baskets, candy, clothes, family, and an all around good time.

For the grandparents and great grandparents we decided to paint our own flower pots and plant our own flower in it. They turned out pretty cute. I should have taken a picture of the final product. Morgan was having more fun than she looks in the pic.
We dyed the eggs on Saturday. Trent and I have decided we absolutely hate this activity.

The kids were so excited for Easter. You would have thought it was Christmas all over again.

We did the typical baskets and egg hunt.

Then we had belgian waffles, which none of the kids ate. Why do I do fun food for Holidays?

We headed to Dodee and Papa's for a delicious Easter dinner and another Easter Hunt.

Dodee and Papa watching the kids find their loot. They are always so generous with everything they do. (And Lori!)

And just to document that Trent and I were involved in the Easter celebrations here is a sp of us.

We had a great Easter and were definitely overloaded with fun and candy. We did squeeze in a discussion on why we actually celebrate Easter.

In the words of Oakley, "Because Jesus was rekter rektid on Easter."


Julie said...

I love Oakley's words! Looks like fun. Why do you hate dying eggs? Is it the mess? I totally want your Easter breakfast. Those waffles with yummy strawberries and whipped cream look divine. Silly kids! Happy Easter.

Jamie said...

I am sad I missed it all, especially Oakley's Tangled party. You're a great mom. It seems like you're always doing fun stuff for your kids. Maybe they don't eat the fun holiday stuff, but they'll for sure remember that you did stuff to make it special for them.

And I'm still so in love with your hair. It is so cute.

Maga said...

Thanks for the Easter Blog--cute pictures of the parents and thanks,kids for the little Plant!!!