Wednesday, April 6, 2011

SB in SG

We decided to take our Spring Break in St. George and it was glorious. While it snowed back home we enjoyed 85 degree sunshine. Here is a quick recap of out trip. First of all we found something the kids enjoyed as much as swimming.

A bubble bath in a big tub.

Everyone except Oliver that is.
The kids also thought it was the coolest thing to have their own tv in their sleeping rooms. They watched channel "This" through out the night. At one point they were watching Sharon Osbourne on The Talk. Go figure. And the girls got to sleep in Grandma Holly's closet. And, yes, Morgan sleeps with her eyes open. We did get a little bit of conference in thanks to the Wii down stairs and to Jill for reading to the girls for more than an hour. I am serious, more than an HOUR. And of course there was swimming. With mom. With dad. Obviously dad was funner.
And we ended the nights with delicious grub. We scored when we hit Texas Roadhouse on kid night. Free ice cream for all!
I am sorry I don't have any pics of the rest of the family. We enjoyed some time with Grandma Wiggles, Kim and Oliver on the Veigel side, and Brad, Teri, Jenny, Brooke, Aubrey, Jill, Cameron, Jake, and Candice on the Jensen side.

As always we had a good time and it was a much needed break from our crazy lives. I sat in bed this morning wishing and wishing we were back down there. My kids wonder why we can't just live down there. If only....


Wade Family said...

You should come to Texas I think we hit 95 the other day and we would love some visitors ;) Looks like a good time, glad you got away from your crazy busy life for a bit.

Andrea said...

So very fun. I love SG. Why don't we all live there is the question.

Jill Clark said...

I want to live there too!

We had so much fun down there with you guys. Your kids are just too cute.

Maga said...

I agree with Trent--

Jamie said...

Am I an idiot to say that when I see pics of your whole crew together, it still surprises me that there are so many?!?! You guys just win the gold medal for being the greatest parents ever. And you make some pretty cute kids too.

Glad SG was so fun. I'm sorry we missed it.

Sarah said...

I am so jealous that you get to go to St. George so often. I love the bathtub photos - Oliver's face is priceless. And I love the last photo of your whole family. Glad you had a good trip!

Trent said...

I can't get over the air mattress picture. I love all my little kids piled all over. It almost captures how out numbered we really are. Makes me realize how glad I really am to have each one of them.

Awesome family!

Julie said...

She seriously sleeps with her eyes open? That is WILD! I'm impressed you can take the hoard to dinner at a restaurant. That's quite an accomplishment.