Thursday, April 21, 2011

Some 'Bunny' Loves Preschool

Actually a lot of people love preschool around here.

The girls came home yesterday all decked out in Easter fun. Here is a pic of Oakley's basket, with real grass she grew herself, and real eggs. I mean what preschool teacher does that?

And here is the cute Oakley with her bunny attire.
And here are the cute girls with their cheesy bunny smiles.

Next year the girls will be in the older class and come home with the real grass.

And now on to our own celebrations.


Maga said...

Cute,Cute,Cute Easter Bunnies!!!

Julie said...


Kim said...

Ha! This post made me laugh. I love Paige and Morgan's goofy smiles (Paige especially) and Oakley is just as cute as ever. And real grass? She better still be around when Oliver is ready.

Becky said...

So cute. I love the cheesers. Hope Jack gets lucky with preschool next year, we're still waiting to hear where (if!) he got in . . . it's a bit competitive here.