Thursday, September 22, 2011


I got some pics from Jamie from our girls trip. And since they were some of the highlights of my trip I thought I would add them in.

First, my photogenic classes. As you can see I couldn't quite get it.

Next, our dinner at Chilis, where I tried to eat healthy. I did steal a few of Candice's fries and had some chips and salsa. But compared to what I used to eat, that was pretty dang good.

And last, but not least, meeting cute little Miles. We even flashed some gang signs back and forth.

Sorry about the repeat post, but I wanted these in my blog book of life. Maybe tomoroow I will have some new material.


Julie said...

You always seem to be out with the girls. I think it just looks that way. Maybe not? :) But as a mother of 5, you need it! I like the three shots of you. You always show so much expression. Love it.

Brandice said...

I think you look quite pretty and I agree those Jensen girls are very photogenic. Would you be willing to share some tips? Our daughter is getting married in December and I would like the attention drawn to her... not to how many chins I have.