Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Good Mom Moment

I finally had one, a good Mom moment. Yesterday morning I was making a list in my head all the things that I had to get gone, and it was a long list. In fact I still haven't completed the list. As the list was growing in my head Oakley came up to me and asked if I would play cards with her. My first thought-no, I have too much to do. But I actually put aside my usual selfish feelings and sat down and we played a killer game of War and Oakley loved it. And just so you know, this good mom moment followed a lot of bad mom moments, like me getting so frustrated with Oakley as I tried to help her read, I really have no patience.

Its a shame really, my kids deserve more of these moments...but I am working on it.


Annie said...

Hooray for a good mom moment. Wish I had more of them around here...I'm working on it too.

Sarah said...

Very sweet! She is such a doll so how could you turn her down ;)

And seriously, your garage is nicer than most people's houses! It looks amazing and I LOVE the paint color you chose. You guys definitely have great taste! And amazing organization skills.

Kim said...

Wow she looks so old in this picture.

Angela said...

You are a GREAT mom, Amy! I wish I had more good mom moments, too.