Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Favorite Pastime

If you come to our house you might find at least one of The Hoard coloring. They have all decided that it is their favorite thing to do. More often than not our counter looks like this.

And our table looks like this.

And the girls love to tape up all their pictures in their rooms.

Brooke said their rooms look like The Friends episode when Monica tried to find out what the switch turned on and off and covered all the holes with drawings.

And they love to color pictures just for us. We usually have a few pictures placed on our nightstand every day.

Who knows, maybe we have a few artists in the making.


Sarah said...

I love the picture of your nightstand and all the presents that were left ;)

Maga said...

I sent some coloring pictures to St. George for your little artists; ask Brooke

akdoxey said...

I have been completely overwhelmed by the stacks of pictures around our house, my nightstand looks exactly the same. When I throw them away, if they see it in the trash- major tears. And my table drives me insane. I guess it's a good thing but just SO. MANY. PAPERS!

Julie said...

That is so adorable! We have that, on a small scale, at our house, too. We cover the metal, back door with art too using magnets. Love it.

Jamie said...

I think Annie needs to visit your house because she always asks ME to color for her. Duh. I think she's missing the point.

4cutegirls said...

I hope you know about the annual Toys R Us crayola sale. I go every year. It's the buy 1 get 2 free on all crayola markers, crayons and pencils. If you don't know about it I'll e-mail you next time. It's usually the week before or after school starts.