Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lazy in St. Geezy

I just got back from a very extended weekend in St. George with just (some of) the Jensen girls (plus the cutest little Miles). We went down Wednesday afternoon and had a wonderful, relaxing, lazy, good time.

We had a million and one magazines to go through in 5 days.

We spent a little bit of time soaking up the sun AND shade by the pool.

We went to a very little market at Tuachan, where I was able to restock my Scentsy stash.

We ate a lot of delicious food. In one night we visited Cafe Rio.

Jimmy John's

In & Out

And Twenty Five Main

Lets just say we tried to please everyone and I think we succeeded.

Other highlights of the trip

*Trying to stay on my new diet while vacationing. I must admit I did pretty dang good. In fact I got broccoli instead of fries at Chilis and DID NOT eat some of Jenny's molten lava cake.

* Some pretty fierce games of Words With Friends where I had my highest word of 99 points. And I got Jill hooked which made it that much for fun sitting right next to her and playing.

*Getting to see baby Miles for the first time. He is so little and so perfect.

*Shopping, shopping, and more shopping. I had the best of luck with every store. Which isn't the best of luck for my savings....my tummy tuck is now further down the road.

*Photogenic classes. I had no idea how much went into being photogenic. I fear I am a lost cause though. I wasn't able to make my collar bone stick out, suck my neck in, look down, smile, and still look normal. Let's just say my sister-in-laws have skills. And wouldn't you agree they are all very photogenic?

*Getting to enjoy my Kozy Shack Tapioca, because I was on vacation. And being made fun of for having that as my treat.

*Watching the Utah game knowing Trent was loving every minute of it back home.

*Lots of pregnancy/fertility/adoption discussions. It took me back to my infertile psychotic days.

*Candice giving every one a wax (just eyebrows and staches) and me buying all the stuff so I can do it at home. We will actually see if I can do that to myself.

*Cuddling with Jill at night. Not really, but we did share a bed and had a great late night conversation and multiple games of Words.

*And getting to see my Grandma. She is awesome.It was a great weekend.


brooke said...

WAH!!!!! I wish I could have been there... I hate being an adult!

Kim said...

Looks like a good weekend! Glad you got to escape real life.

Jamie said...

Loved spending the weekend with you. Wish I could have gotten in on that cuddle time with you and Jill. And I'm still dying over your hair.

Maga said...

Glad for the report of a great trip! Surely glad Teri had 7 wonderful ones--sorry Heidi and Brooke couldn't join you!!! Good for Trent to stay home to tend and help me with my computer problems!

Alyssa said...

Ive loved playing words with friends with you! And lets all plan a dinner together soon! :)

Julie said...

That sounds fantastic! I am so proud of you for not having a bite of molten lava cake - THAT IS HARD!!!! And broccoli instead of fries. Ouch. I know what you mean. This stuff is hard. That's the kind of stuff I've been working on too. Good luck. I love all this fun you are having.