Friday, November 4, 2011


I am a little behind on my thankful posts. Kind of sums up my life actually. So, going back to November 4th I was so thankful for Trent and his leaf cleaning ability. He came home from work and went straight to picking up leaves-and we have a ton of leaves, 18 bags to be exact.. It took him all night, but he got it done before he left for St. George and before the snow came.

Obviously, I am thankful for Trent for lots of reasons, but on Thursday it was his ability to never stop working. We wouldn't have survived the past 7 years with out Trent's never ending energy. He really is a machine.


Maga said...

Trent is a wonderful energenic
machine--I surely depend alot of him!!!

Jamie said...

Yes, he is a machine.

Kim said...

Blah! So happy we have zero trees. Trent is unreal.