Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Twenty Two

I am thankful for my at home waxing system. I got it back in September on our girls trip and it has already paid for itself. I no longer ever look like a Mr. with my stache, but a women with a smooth and hair-free upper lip. And I have to say my eyebrows look so much better cleaned up a bit.

And to top things off, I had forgotten a razor when I went to Texas, so I decided to take advantage of the grossness and wax my armpits for St. George. It was so nice not having the ugly armpit stubble the WHOLE time we swam it up in down there. Once again, I am so thankful for this machine AND for Candice who helped me get the right stuff. You are an awesome sister-in-law with amazing beauty skills!


scharee said...

I was in st George for thanksgiving too. And while there decided to buy a little wax warmer. The face waxing was okay, but the underarm...ouch!!! You'll have to give me the details of your machine/wax so I can do the other pit.;.)

Luke and Kimmy said...

Wait! Why did I just find out about this. Amy, come on!