Sunday, November 6, 2011


On Sunday I went to Baby Miles' baby blessing. As always it was so good. There is just something about a baby blessing that gets to me. It made me thankful for my 5 babies and Trent's blessings for each of them.

Having babies is such a miracle. It took a lot of work to get started and too many procedures to count, but it was all worth it. It is amazing what they can do medically to help some of us become Mothers. I am thankful for the many medications, shots, ultrasounds, petri dishes, more shots, and medical support that it took to get Aiden and Andrew here. Fortunately for us, all of that got my system going and we didn't need any "help" with the girls.

And since I have no pics from the actual blessing on Sunday I found pics of all of my kid's in their blessing outfits. They make me happy just looking at them.

And just to have it documented, I went through all the fertility stuff while I was a hospice nurse. I had a certain patient that I became extremely close to. He and his family were so excited when I announced that everything had worked and we were pregnant with twins. They threw me a "party" with a baby cake and everything. When I had the boys I went from full time to on call. My patient passed away while I was on maternity leave. His wife called me and said she wanted to buy the boys blessing outfits because it would mean a lot to Joe and herself. So, now every time I see their outfits it reminds me of my patient and life itself. One minute we are being blessed and the next we are leaving our earthly life for the next. And what matters most is what we do with the time in between.

Time flies.

Make the most of it and have an amazing time doing it.


Shannon said...

Oh man, Amy. This definitely brought the waterworks for me. So sweet.

(Love the baby pictures of the kids! Hard to believe they were that tiny once...!)

Maga said...

Sweet pictures of blessings
Sweet story--sweet family!!

Julie said...


linds said...

your kids look exactly the same as the day they were born. i love it. what a good reminder about what life is all about.

Sarah said...

What a sweet post. And I am loving your kids' pics ~ its amazing how they all look exactly the same yet so much more grown up. Such cute pics!