Monday, November 21, 2011

Twenty One

I am so thankful for the abundance in my life. We are blessed with so much. We have a nice house, an excess of clothes, cars, toys, and plenty of food. On Monday we received a Thanksgiving card from Maga with a story in it. It told of the pilgrams and how on the first Thanksgiving they had so little food that all they had to eat were 5 kernals of corn. Seriously? 5 kernals?

Well, as it turned out, our meal for that night had corn in it and Aiden would not eat it. He sat there from dinner until bedtime, refusing to eat his corn.

But at least he didn't go to bed hungry....

Something is seriously wrong when your kid won't eat corn and chooses instead to eat his own toenails.


Maga said...

Should I send some money for popcorn so Aiden doesn't have to eat his toenails?

Luke and Kimmy said...

So wrong.

You think someday he'll be a little embarrased by this? And does he actually eat the nail? Ugh GAG!