Thursday, November 10, 2011


Since we have been sick the kids have missed some school, which brings me to my next Thankful post. I love school. It is the best thing ever. It has saved our lives here at The Hoard. I am so grateful for the teachers that take the time to teach my kids and, luckily, all my kids love their teachers too.

We got their school pictures the other day and I think they all turned out well. I am really impressed they can get Andrew to have a genuine smile. Whenever I ask him to smile it doesn't look "real" at all.



We love school around here. 1 more year and the entire Hoard will be in school and I can sit at home and do least for a couple days.


Maga said...

You and Trent don't know how to sit quiet and do nothing!
CUTE, pictures of cute kids!

Julie said...

Cute pics. I love school too. I can't believe next year you will already have all of them in school. But does kindergarten really count? you still have to run and grab them two seconds after you dropped them off...

Kim said...

Great pictures! I can't believe how growm up they look in these.