Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Gorge fest Wednesday

After I got back from So Cal I told myself I needed to control my eating. It lasted 2 days and then went very badly for Wednesday. First up I went to Krispy Kreme to get donuts for Oakley's birthday treat for school, scouts, and blueberry donuts for book club.
Well you can't go into Krispy Kreme and not eat a donut right?
Just for the record I only had 1/2 of one.

That night we celebrated Luke's last day of school and went out to Training Table and did some shopping afterwards. Once again I ate out, but I tried to eat minimally and didn't order any fries. Although I snagged a few from the others. We did some shopping afterwards. Or I should say looking. Kim was the only one that walked away with anything.
After that outing I had book club, which always has good food, therefore I ate again, but I tried to control myself more than normal. Which is difficult because book club always has the best food.
We also made vision boards at book club. I love mine. The idea is to put things on there that you want to accomplish this year. Mine included being a better runner, getting a flat stomach, eating healthier, having a waste free home, getting an outdoor living space, riding my bike more, being more flexible with my opinions, ideas, and life, being cleaner, getting a shelf in my room, saving more money, getting more sleep, and, the most important, being a better mom.

So far, pretty good. I am doing better at running and eating and am trying to be a better mom. The other things I still need to work on....

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