Thursday, April 18, 2013

So Cal (The Girl Part)

Finally getting to posting our amazing So Cal Ragnar experience. It takes a lot of time to go through 400 + pictures for a blog. It seems like I say that with every post. Maybe I (we) need to take less pictures?
First part of the trip is one of my faves. Some of us girls went down a couple days early to hit up So Cal Teri Jensen Style. For those that don't know, my mother-in-law is an expert traveler and shopper. Put those 2 things together and you have one fun trip.
We met up at the airport to get things started with a Jamba Juice and Krispy Kreme blueberry donut. Both consumed by yours truly.

And of course we had to snap some picture of us on the plane.
What was our first stop? Well, after the gas station to use the restroom and, of course, get snacks. It was Santee Alley. A cheap shoppers dream come true!

And since it had been 2 hours since we last consumed something some of us had to get a delicious bacon wrapped hot dog with delicious toppings.
I mean really, you would have thought Heidi had been starving....
We hit store after store of jewelry, toys, purses, clothes, and shoes. See what I mean about a cheap shoppers dream?
By the end we had all made fabulous purchases and came away with bags of treasures.

The serious shopping made us we headed to Venice Beach for dinner. Once again it was delicious.

The main reason for the excursion to Venice Beach is for their funnel cakes.
To. Die. For.
Seriously I would go to California just to get one of these.

That night at the hotel we had the usual show and tell. Everyone came away with some pretty cute stuff. I, for one, focused on jewelry. Last year I was pretty bummed I didn't take advantage of the cheap jewelry so this year I made up for it.
The next morning we headed out to the beach. It was perfectly beautiful.
We ate breakfast at Ruby's diner and had a photo shoot, complete with Martin.
Heidi and I snagged a couple more pics. We joked we were on our honeymoon together.
We messed around on the beach and got Bonkified.
With our Team Caption in the middle.
We met a new friend on the beach and I sun bathed with him.
And simply just enjoyed the scenery, smell, warmth, each other, and the sand between our toes. Oh and favorite quote from Teri, "Enjoy your Holiday!" Which she said in a British accent to a couple from Great Britain.
Didn't I marry into one fun and beautiful family?
Next up was taking a ferry over to Balboa Island. This was an exciting 3 minute ride let me tell you. Long enough to have another photo shoot that's for sure.
We hit up the cute Balboa Island and first thing that needed to be done? Well I am sure you have all guessed by now, we needed something to eat. We consumed the famous Balboa Bars. Super good. And one of us had 2. I am not going to name names, but my mother-in law sure loves a good bar.

We did some more shopping and worked up more of an appetite. Jamie found this market that made some hot grilled sandwiches. After seeing her eat one I had to join in.
Teri wanted to be a part of the eating, but her 2 Balboa Bars had filled her up.
 Then our fellow Bonkians started showing and we had to start getting ready for our Ragnar which started bright and early the next morning.

 Seriously have so much fun with these girls. They sure do know how to have a good time. And a special thanks to our travel agent Teri. She really is the best.
Now on to Ragnar!!!

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