Thursday, April 25, 2013

Seven is Heaven

Oakley turned 7 this year. Still can't believe it. She was so excited for her birthday. And she got a special surprise when she woke up. Kim left her balloons and a gift. Oakley is lucky to have a 2nd mom like Kim.

 That night we had the Veigel's up to celebrate. We started the night with Café Rio, which was chaos at the kids table and I had a hard time ordering. Forgot multiple things and had to go back a couple times to get things right. But it was delicious and the kids had fun. We finished the night off with floats and presents.
 The next night Oakley had a late night with friends. They hit up Pizza Pie Café, where we spent a lot of money for each girl to have 2 bites of food. Buffets are a total rip off with kids. But they still had fun.

 Then the late night began. Oakley opened her gifts. She loved every single one and her friends are always so nice to her.

 Then they watched a movie complete with popcorn.

Oakley had a blast and loved being the center of attention.


Maga said...

Oakley deserves a "blast" She is a little DOLL!!!

Maga said...

Glad you have 3 wonderful children on Mother's Day--I feel sorry for your friend's family!!!