Friday, April 5, 2013

Spring Break

There's a reason it has taken me a month to get my Spring Break post up. Well. Multiple reasons actually, but the biggest was that I had 400 pictures to go through. And I know not everyone cares about seeing 400 pictures, so it was hard to narrow them down. But here it goes;
We started the trip Monday morning. It was just kids and moms (and grandma). The kids were excited. The moms....not quite sure.
The best part was heading towards blue skies. It was so nice to be heading to some warmer weather.

The kids dined on Little Cesaers that night, while the adults had Benja's. I stayed back with the kids cause I am not a fan of Sushi, but they did bring me back some delicious fried rice and a chicken mixture of goodness.
The next morning after their walks Emily and Grandma got down to making waffles.

While Kim and I stretched and headed out for a run.
We were a sweaty mess, but once again the warmth felt fantastic!
 After breakfast we continued our workout sessions with some homemade Nike Training and ended with leaps.

The kids joined in on the leaping part.

I call Emily the child whisperer. She is so good with them. They had a great time playing Mother May I.

We headed to The Crack. I have been multiple times, but NEVER actually through it. I thought I would give it a go. As soon as I started I started freaking out and trying to turn back, but Kim blocked my way. She made me go through the entire thing and I hated every minute of it. But glad to say I conquered a fear that day.

Since the exertion of energy from climbing a bunch of red rock made us starving we hit up the local Chick-Fil-A for some delicious food.

Then headed to Awesome Park, which was perfectly named by Sarah. I have never seen a cooler park.

The boys were having a blast.

And so were the adults.

And the girls loved all the new fun toys.

That night Emily and Kim took a little swim to get some golf balls.

Then the kids got to play on the course. They always want to play out there and can't wait for the course to close.

 They played Red Rover.

Hands Up Stands Up.

And Grandma's Undies.

The next morning we headed to Vegas to spend the day with Maaaandi!

She was nice enough to let us play in her beautiful pool.

Then a MUST in Vegas is visiting Raising Cane's to gorge ourselves on the most delicious chicken, bread, and SAUCE!
Oakley and Jocelyn became instant friends.
 We headed back to the pool for more swimming and dessert, which consisted of all our Easter candy.
On the way out we had to stop and see some of our other favorite Vegas Dwellers. We even got serenaded too.

During out "down time" we hung out around the house.

 Made pokey art.

Played Rock Band
And played on Ipods.
 Obviously we like to eat, so the last day we decided to eat at the park. This is what getting food for 13 looks like.

Then we had to get a pic of the group. I was trying to dance like Monica from Friends.

When we were done Aiden just kept taking pictures so Kim and I just went with it.

We all piled into the Bohemith to call it a trip.

As we were packing up Aiden says, "Look Mom, its like I am rolling up a dead body!" Seriously. Kids these days, so desensitized by movies and television.....

Our trip didn't actually end that day. We headed up to the Jensen's for one more day of fun. Which started out with a special order for myself.

And ended with some more swimming in another fabulous pool.

Sadly it did have to come to an end and we ended up driving back into what we left 4 days earlier.

 But the good news was these girls were wiped out and practically slept the whole way home, which made it possible not to make one stop.

And there was our fabulous, fun, gorge fest, exhausting Spring Break.

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