Monday, April 22, 2013

While We Were Out

Part of what makes a kidless vacation so nice is  not having to worry about your kids back home. We are lucky to have a plethora of kid watchers. While we were in So Cal Kim and Luke watched The Hoard for us and they did a fantastic job.
In fact, they went above and beyond.
First up they had soccer games Thursday night where each person scored a goal.

Friday they went to see Luke at work who happens to work with my dad. They decorated my dad's door in honor of him running So Cal Ragnar. I love the drawings.

Saturday was a busy day. Every child, including Oliver had a soccer game. Now that's a lot of soccer. And it was horrible weather. Blah.

My boys were first up. And not only did Kim take them, but she took pictures. Something I haven't even done yet....

The freezing cold spectators. Kind of glad I missed this round. ;)

During the girls game it was pouring, so Luke told the other team after the next goal that was the game. So Paige dribbled down and scored.

Oliver got his game in.

And Oakley.
Afterwards they hit up McDonald's to celebrate.

That night they took our kids to Nickel Cade. The kids loved every second of it. They already want to go back.
 The best part was earning the tickets.
 To buy the awesome prizes.

During the weekend Kim drove around in our car and got pulled over. Luckily she came away with no ticket.

They even too The Hoard to church. That in and of itself deserves a medal.

Sunday afternoon they had a picnic.

And played chicken.

And got bounced on the bridge.

And then the mean, boring parents returned.
My kids are lucky to have such fun Aunts and Uncles.
A HUGE shout out to Kim and Luke for watching them. I didn't have to think twice about home while I was away. And that is what a vacation is!

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