Monday, April 29, 2013

While Our Babysitters Were Out

We got to watch Oliver for a weekend while Luke and Kim headed down south for sunshine and relaxation. We aren't as fun as they are. But the weather was good which meant the girls could finally paint their toenails.
You see I only let them do this outside.
 And the boys played kick ball.

Saturday, of course, was filled with soccer. The boys, Oakley, and Oliver all had games. Luckily all at different times so it worked out perfectly.

We spent time jumping on the tramp.

And the kid's favorite is getting bounced.

We got bikes, trikes, scooters, and big wheels out.

And enjoyed an outdoor "picnic."

Sunday we took a leisurely walk around the neighborhood.

Complete with a treat reward for finishing.

Oliver spent every evening like this. I think we wore him out.

And Trent played his new favorite game.

And there you have it. Another weekend in the life of The Hoard.

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