Monday, February 13, 2012

Brooke's Bowling BDay

We went bowling for Brooke's Birthday on Friday. We had a great time. I tore up the lane with a score of 79.

The whole Jensen crew made it to the party, minus the children and the Vegas dwellers. We missed Jake and Candice, but I quite enjoyed not having my kids there.

And one of the only "good" shots I had with my phone.

And to finish the post off-a pic of the girls.

Happy Birthday Brooke!

(And thanks to Jamie who I stole half of the pics from. I no longer comment on blogs, but I do steal pictures from them...)


Maga said...

Keep up the blogs whether comments or pictures--I enjoy them every day

Kim said...

Looks like fun. You blend in well with such a beautiful group of girls.

brooke said...

Boy did we have fun. Maybe we ought to start our own league?