Monday, February 6, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

We had a very low key Superbowl Sunday. We stayed at home and didn't have anyone over. Very unusual for us party animals. However, we still prepared as much food as if we were having a party. Andrew even asked as Brooke and I as we were getting everything ready who was coming over. When we told him no one he asked why we had so much food.

That's a good question Andrew.

Trent spent most of the time downstairs, so Brooke and I hung out on the love seat and made jokes about anything and everything. It was a good time. But it always is with this girl.
None of us enjoyed the end of the game. We were cheering for the Patriots. It is Trent's team and I just think Tom Brady is hot.

Maybe next year Tom.


Maga said...

All of us Bostonians wanted the Patriots to win, but glad you had Brooke to help drown your sorrows!

Kim said...

You should have told Andrew that that's the norm around there. There are 8 of you. Glad you had a good night.

Trent said...

Who the heck is wearing that obscene shirt in the background?