Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Oakley had dread locks since July. She loved them. We loved them. The maintenance? Not so much. We did dread locks in the beginning because we thought it would be a low maintenance hair style. But we were wrong. Her hair got a little crazy near the end.

And the dreads started growing together.
Into one big mess.

So, we started combing out the dreads. With each dread, we got a hair ball just like this. We are surprised she had any hair left.

And now she looks like this.

Who would have thought her hair could look like this again.

Now she loves her long Rapunzel hair. And now we get to experiment with a lot of different hairstyles. I gotta get my french braiding skills back.

And a big thanks to Brooke who worked for HOURS on getting her hair undone. She would still be a mess if it weren't for her.


Nana Sue said...

Oh Amy I just couldn't resist a comment! She was so darling with those dreads but wow what an absolute doll with her "rapunzel" hair!! She's a beauty as are your other girls and handsome guys!! It's fun to see them each week even for just a quick minute!!

I'm glad she had hair left after all of that brushing and hair ball stuff :)

Kim said...

She is adorable with dread locks and beautiful with her long hair. I love that girl no matter what hairstyle. II have to admit it was fun having dreads with her and having people mistake her as mine because of it when we went out together.

Isn't it amazing how much hair is pulled out when combing them out. So fun.

Annie said...

She looks so grown up with her shiny Rapunzel hair. I'll miss seeing her with those sassy dreads though. Hope your life is manageable these days. Are you ever getting sleep?

Maga said...

3 CHEERS for Brooke for helping with Oakley's hair and for tending over the week-end!!!!

4cutegirls said...

Wow! Is all I can say. Love the long hair.

Elsha.Rae said...

oh my gosh how stinkin cute!!