Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I Love to See the Temple

This is the amazing view we have out our kitchen window. I love looking out and seeing the Temple. The sad thing is I can see it out my kitchen window, it is a 2 minute drive from my house, I run around it a few times a week, but I can never seem to "find" the time to go inside it. My motto for my life the past couple years has been the primary song with the lyrics "I love to see the Temple, I'm going there some day." That was my life, I loved looking at it through my window and on my runs and I would always say, I will go again some day.

Well, my friends, that day has arrived. We get to go to the Temple and do a session on Saturday morning. And it is even more special because we get to go through with my Aunt Rauna and Uncle Del and watch them take out their own endowments. I couldn't be happier for them. And thanks to them, I get a good kick off on my goal to attend the Temple more. Can't wait for Saturday!


Dayna said...

Wow! That is so wonderful! What a happy day for your family. Congratulations Aunt Rauna and Uncle Del.

Luke and Kimmy said...

What a great goal! Let me know if you ever need a sitter at nigt so you can go...or Saturday mornings.

Becky said...

Jealous that you are so close to the temple, and that you get to be with Rauna and Del on their special day. Enjoy!