Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V Day

I should title this post good intentions, but I had to show somewhere that it was in fact Valentines Day at our house.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't really like Valentine's Day. I have a hard time getting motivated or finding the time to really celebrate. However, at the beginning of February I thought of all these things I could do to make it a fun holiday. But alas, none of them came to pass.

I had planned to take a pic of my kids, photoshop a cute little V Day saying, and send them to the Great/Grandparents, but instead my kids went snowshoeing with Trent.

I had planned to mail Valentines to the cousins with goodies and fun, but we barely managed to have the kids write their names on their Valentines for school. And now I have a lot of extra candy at my house....

I planned on waking up on time and getting a head start on the day to make sure I could get everything done, but ended up working most the night which resulted in sleeping in and NOT getting things done.

I planned on making Trent his favorite meal of rib eye steak, potatoes, and rolls, but had to make 100 mini donuts for Oakley's class and do an activity for Aiden and Andrew's class party.

I then thought we might be able to go out to eat as a family to celebrate, but instead we ordered Chinese take out and ate at home.

I planned on doing the activity with my kids that I did in Aiden and Andrew's class after dinner, but instead I worked and the kids caught a 3D show.

I planned on being a super mom and super wife, but instead barely survived the day.

But as I look back on my day it actually was perfect for our family.

And besides, Brooke made up for my lack of funness with a superb Valentines Party on Saturday.

Complete with pizza and heart shaped cups.

Cookie decorating.

And Valentine making.

She finished the night off with goodie bags for all. And during all this Trent and I were relaxing downstairs and enjoying our own night out at Chilis for some delish molten lava cake.

Isn't Brooke amazing?

I bet you all want her as your very own personal basement dweller.


Maga said...

It looks like your kids had a great Valentine's day even though all your intentions didn't work out. You made great memories for your kids!!!!

Kim said...

Valentines is a weird holiday, but it looks like you guys pulled it off pretty dang good if you ask me. And bless Brooke.

Trent said...

Brooke is spoken for....

Julie said...

I think it's a day to turn into gratitude to remember who you have to love and who is there to love you and not so much about any outward display. And I like that you realized that in the end, the day was perfect for your family's needs. That's all that matters. You don't need to compare your Vday with anyone else. And Brooke is amazing. Yes, I want her as my basement dweller. What a wonderful thing to see kids actively engaged in quality times having fun and using their creativity. I'm blabbering now. Happy V day!