Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mini Cheer

On Friday my girls got to do one of their favorite things-Mini Cheer. They look forward to these things all year. And whats better than doing it with friends?

Paige, Izz, Caroline, Morgan, Oakley

The girls did a fabulous job and there was no running around by Paige and Morgan. I guess threats do work sometimes.

And they loved the megaphones they got at the end. Trent and me, not so much.

Just love these 3 girls.


linds said...

Thank you for taking pictures. Doug was in charge of that and I got nothing.

Mindy said...

So cute!!!!

Brett and Jessica said...

Such cute little cheerleaders!

Maga said...

Cutest Bountiful High School Cheerleaders I ever saw!!!

Jeannie said...

You don't know me, I don't know you, just came across your BLOG - Cute kids - Are the boys twins and the girls triplets?? Just curious :-)

Beautiful Family

brooke said...

love it!
they were so stikin cute.
have i ever mentioned how much i love these munchkins!?

MCapson said...

So cute!

Kim said...

How cute. And check out Oakley's stance. Future Cheerleader for real!