Monday, February 20, 2012

Shoppin' at the Outlets

Trent took the boys snowshoeing up to the cabin over the weekend, so us girls had a girl day and headed to Park City for some shopping. And lets just say there were some pretty dang good deals.

Since the younger girls were so good while we older ones shopped, we finished the trip off with some snacks from Mrs Fields. Can I just say cinnamon sugar pretzel bites? Mm Mm Good.

We had an older lady take our picture to document our amazing outing. She had a hard time getting everyone in. We got a little of Lindsay here and no Izz.

We tried again and got no Lindsay, but all of Izz.
Is it really that hard to see that people are not in the picture?

On the way home the girls took a little nap.

And had a little bit of droolage.

It was a fun morning. Thanks for letting me tag along Linds and Kim! Trent thanks you too. He is only making me take back on small bag of clothes. ;)


Kim said...

That was a fun day. I'm glad we got to hang out. And let me guess, he made you take back the jeggins?

Julie said...

love sleeping-kid pictures. They are always so funny (and uncomfortable) looking. The Mrs. Fields treat sounds delightful!