Friday, November 2, 2012


I am trying to keep up with the posting and keeping them pretty similar to my Instagratitude's as well. It just takes a lot more time to blog than Instagram.
But here is my #2

 (sorry, missing Sarah, who didn't want to be in the pic and James, Jackson, and Jude who simply just live too far away)
(sorry to be missing James and Josh, who just happened to be in school at the time of this pic)

So glad my kids have lots of cousins. They love hanging out with them and are excited every time they get to see any one of them. Some of my favorite memories growing up our those of playing with my cousins. We had a great time. And I love that my kids are making those same kind of memories. Love having so much family and the friendships we have.

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Kim said...

If it weren't for cousins, Oliver would be an only child. Thank you for sharing your kids with me.