Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday

I am thankful for Black Friday.
I didn't really need anything so I was just going for the experience. I met up with Kim and we waiting to snag her a printer.

When someone yelled go we grabbed some printers and right next door people were going crazy for some TV's so I looked at Kim and yelled "I'm going in!" I came out with a TV I didn't want and a swollen eye I didn't want. Makes for a funny story though eh?

All the fighting made us hungry so we grabbed some fries, nuggets, and a coke at Micky D's.

We headed over to Target for a bit, went home to wait for Kohl's to open and chatted with Brooke for a while, then went over and ran into Bob and Camila. It made the long wait in line much faster having multiple people to talk to.

In the end my Black Friday resulted in some good deals, a bunch of stuff I need to return, and my very own black eye.
Until we meet again crazy Black Friday.

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