Thursday, November 22, 2012


Thankful to get to spend Thanksgiving with my family in good old Star Valley.
We headed up to SV Wednesday afternoon, but only after we could get out car started. Not a good way to start a road trip.

We made it to Grandma Wiggles and watched hours of "Buying Alaska" which Trent was totally into.

We headed out to participate in the Biannual Gobble Gallop. Much warmer than last time. If you don't remember check it out here. It was freezing.
While we were waiting for other finishers we took a pic of the top 3 women finishers.
All the finishers.

Not a very big group, but we have fun. Thanks to all who joined in the race/walk!

We thought Kim's pants blended in perfectly with the gravel. I mean really, you can barely see her right?

On the way back we tired to get pics of us heel clicking. Kim had a had time pushing the button at the right time.

I was slightly better and taking the pic.
Then we tried to get one of us both jumping.  We are so pretty.
My mom gets the most points for watching the kids during the gallop. She is amazing. Not only does she watch them, but does activities which she brought with her from home.
Afterwards we made some food, drove down main street, headed to the church, ate some delicious food, visited with family, and headed home.

Love getting to spend some time in Star Valley. So many good memories from Thanksgivings past.

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