Wednesday, November 14, 2012

An Evening of Thanksgiving

I am so Thankful the Relief Society Activity is over.
I am the Chairman (?) of the Relief Society activities, which means I am in charge of any extracurricular meetings during the week for RS. And in our ward that means one activity a month. A lot right? I agree, but what do you do. This month The Pres wanted to have a fancy dinner centered around love and gratitude. Great idea, but a lot of work. First off you have to have posters hung up everywhere to remind the ladies AND flyer's delivered for a second reminder. So when it was time to deliver flyer's I took to the streets with my running shoes, fanny pack, and a bag of flyer's. Perfect way to get my run in and fulfill my churchly duties.

For the dinner we did a mashed potato bar, so not my idea, but it turned out really good. I assigned everything else out and kept the mashed potatoes for myself. Dumb idea. It took so long to wash, cut, boil, and mash 20 lbs of potatoes. I even ended up with a nice blister from all the cutting. But for the record, they were delicious. ;) And I wish I would have taken pictures of the acutal dinner, but our lettuce froze for the salad and I had to make  a last minute trip to Smith's and got back just in time to serve the meal.
I know I should be thankful for my calling, but today I am just thankful this event is over. It is a lot of work preparing, decorating, set up, advertising, and cleaning up. Now on to the Ward Christmas Party, which for some reason the committee is in charge of as well. And that's in 2 weeks. Ugh.

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Maga said...

You shouldn't be so clever; then they wouldn't have you in charge of so many parties!!!