Monday, November 12, 2012

Man Date

Thankful that Trent went on a Man Date AND came home safely.

Trent had Veterans Day off from work, so he decided he would get a couple things done at the cabin. Luckily his friend Ryan was able to join him. They had a lovely man date filled with lunch, shopping (for a sled to pull behind the snowmobiles), and snowmobiling. Glad he was able to escape real life for a bit and enjoy some fun.

And I don't know if I am abnormal, but I am such a worrier. I actually think it is a gene passed down in the Veigels. But I worry anytime Trent goes snowmobiling. I am so afraid he won't come back. That would be bad for The Hoard. We couldn't survive without this guy. So, when he returned home I was so thankful he was kept safe during his day of fun.

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Maga said...

We're so glad too that Trent got home safely--I couldn't get along
without him either!!!! We appreciate you too, Amy and your wonderful blogs!!!