Monday, November 5, 2012

The Last Suppers

 I am so behind with all things in my life and blogging is one of those many things. I hate when I get behind, because I hate doing catch up posting. You know, when all of a sudden you have 10 posts on google reader from one blog. Yep, I hate that. But as much as I hate it I still want our lives documented for our blog books. I love those things.
So onto my post. Carrying on with the thanksfuls.
I am thankful for food.
We are blessed to have food in our fridge, pantry, and storage. We never go hungry. Quite the opposite actually. We, or I should say I, eat way too much. A couple weeks ago we went down to St. George.The theme of the weekend was The Last Suppers. I decided to try and eat better to lose the extra baggage I am carrying around. So that weekend was filled will a lot of binge eating that included a late night run to pick up some delicious chips.
And Jimmy Johns

After the race we hit up Smash Burger. I got the Harvest Salad, which doesn't really count as binge eating does it? It was delicious though. Oh, and I had a Nutter Butter shake, so that made up for the healthy salad.

That night we hit up Don Pedros, one of our favorite places to eat in St. George. Trent loved the fact that I was documenting every meal. He thinks it is about the stupidest thing ever.

Then Sunday morning I was treated to delicious eggs and toast made just for me. Luke loves pictures as much as Trent does.

On the way out of town we had the last of our Last Suppers at In & Out. It was delicious.

I got to enjoy some of my other favorite treats while down there. Mini Charleston Chews, which is a must for any road trip. Kozy Shack Tapioca pudding, weird I know. And last, but not least, Ben and Jerry's Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, which I can only in in 2 places, St. George being one of those. Loved the binge fest weekend. So thankful for all this delicious food that I don't get to eat anymore....

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