Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sub Human vs. Super Human

I think we all know who is who in mine and Trent's relationship.

After Ragnar it took me 4 days to unpack my bag, 4 days to do the massive piles of laundry below, and 4 days to even think about exercising again.

After Ragnar it took Trent 0 days to unpack, 1 day to go to scout camp for 3 days, upon returning from camp he went right to work on mudding and sanding the garage, and 4 days to do a combo run/swim.
It's a good thing opposites attract.


Mindy said...

I think you're both super human. Who took care of 5 little ones? ;)

Maga said...

Does Trent every slow down? It doesn't sound like you do either.

Julie said...

But what does he get out of the deal? - Ha! Just kidding. He is super human for sure.