Friday, June 3, 2011

Instead of Shootin'

While the others were blowing up little animals the girls and I hung out. We were going to party it up, but I just felt like relaxing.

Of course there is always food involved. We hit up Texas Roadhouse:

And Firehouse Pizza, which was 110% better service than our last experience:

And since I love to eat so much we went on a run:

And to kill some time we went shopping and watched the fountains for a while:

And played on the escalators:

There was a lot of movie watching, playing, and just being together:

And the best way to end the weekend-taking 2 hours to clean out the tub after Paige and Morgan put a roll and a half of toilet paper in it.

That stuff is a killer to get out of a tub full of water.


The Capson's said...

You girls know how to live it up!!! I'm glad you had a fun weekend! Toilet paper is the worst to get out of the tub. Csyden and Cooper did that once. Tip: a pasta strainer works great!!! :)

Julie said...

That looks like fun. I laugh about the tp. Kate did something similar. Crazy, adorable kids.

MCapson said...

Oh we had the toilet paper before. Sucks. I found putting a sifter upside down on the drain catches all the toilet paper while the water runs out. Glad you guys had so much fun.