Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Ultra Ragnar

Now for Trent's turn. We all know by now he has super human strength so the regular, hard Wasatch Back wasn't enough for him. He was invited to run on the Wasatch Running Center's Ultra team. So, instead of 12 people running 192 miles only 6 people do. And after experiencing this first hand it makes it even that much more amazing to me.

He suped up the Bohemith with some 'crazy' stickers from Wasatch running center. You have to have a tough looking vehicle to transport super human beings.

Isn't the scenery amazing? Trent had some pretty hard legs, one of which included running UP Trapper's Loop. His total mileage for the race was 34.5 miles. Makes my measly 12 miles look, well, measly.

Here he is rounding the corner approaching the finishing area.

Joined by his team they crossed the finish line with a time of 22:20:57. The were the first Ultra team and were 8th overall. Seriously, they came in 8th out of all the 12 man teams.

I can't believe they can all stand for a picture after what they just accomplished.

Trent was wasted at the end. And I love that I look like an elf.

Here are the men from Van 2. Trent had a great time with these guys. The tall guy on the right is one of Trent's regular running buddies. Does that make them sound 5 years old if I say buddies?

It is going to get sappy now, so if you are not into that just stop reading.

Like I said before I don't know what this race did to me, but it has been an awesome experience. And being able to do it "with" Trent was even more awesome. Watching him cross the finish line, knowing he had given it all he had made me get butterflies in my stomach. And it also helped that earlier in the race we (my van and I) were oogling over his picture. Not only is he amazing, he is hotter than any boy I know. AND He found me at the end,came right to me, and gave me a big sweaty hug with tears in his eyes. Can I say it was magical without being made fun of?

Loved, loved, loved being there with him.

Congrats Trent! I love you and your super human strength!


Shannon said...

Hey - one of those guys is my neighbor (Daryl)! I can't believe Trent ran 34.5 miles. That's CRAZY. You both are crazy. But I honestly admire that you both enjoy running and can share these type of things together. That's pretty incredible.

Mindy said...

Super human for sure!!! I bet he was so glad to have you experience it with him too. :)

brooke said...

Seriously! I'm so proud of Trent!!!! He is beyond AMAZIG!!! I teared up reading this post! Congrats to both of you!

Beth Monson said...

Wow! That is amazing for both you and Trent. I can barely run up my stairs:). It looks awesome and it's even more awesome that you got to do it with your husband!

Jamie said...

Trent seriously is amazing. I don't know how he does so much. And would it surprise anyone here if I admitted that I totally choked up with I was talking to my mom and she was telling me about Trent crossing the finish line? I'm such a cheese ball. Oh well, just so proud of my big brother.

Way to go, Trent!

The Capson's said...

You guys are seriously THE CUTEST! Congratulations to both of you for completing this race. It's such an amazing accomplishment. I'm so amazed at everyone who did this. Way to go Trent on running in a "Ultra Team". That is AMAZING. So so so proud of you guys! Way to go!

Luke and Kimmy said...

Awesome job, Trent! Amy was so proud to show you and your running abilities off to our team. We were all very impressed.

Anonymous said...

I wish I had super human strength. Good job Trent, you are amazing!

Angela said...

You guys are both amazing! What a great experience for you!

Julie said...

Sounds like you two have found something that brings the you even closer. I think the magic comes from all those endorphins from running so hard! But it's magic, nonetheless. I'm so glad you two had another "moment" to cement you together even more.

Julie said...

I love it. I'm glad you had fun. My sis and my sis-in-law both ran (on different teams) and they've been trying to recruit me. You make it look so fun!