Monday, June 6, 2011

Kindergarten Grads

The boys had their graduation on Friday. It was fun to watch them in the program. I should have video'd it, but I wasn't thinking.

Miraculously they each earned their diplomas and can move on to first grade.
We loved their teacher Mrs. Thornell.
It was a great year and we (well, mostly me) are already looking forward to trying out first grade. But in the meantime here is to a summer full of fun!


Jamie said...

Oh my gosh. Can you believe they're going to be gone ALL DAY next year? Wow. That's so crazy.

Way to go, Grads!

Luke and Kimmy said...

Sweet! They look good in their graduation caps.

Julie said...


Jake said...

congrats aiden and andrew

Maga said...

How come your boys are the cutest ones in the picture? Congrat to both!!