Wednesday, June 15, 2011

While We Were Away

We have the best family. They are always willing to help watch our Hoard. While we were racing it up in Bear Lake, Brooke and Heidi had most the work back home.

It is always a fun time with either of those two around. Especially for our kids because they live in Hitler's Camp.

Saturday they headed out to Family Fun Day. Grandpa Brad and Grandma Teri's stake does this every year. Whats better than free entertainment.....including food.
I am a little sad I missed all the fun. Oh and Oakley told me she had a hot dog and liked it. We are moving up in the world. Now that makes a total of 4 things she will eat.

And what fun day would be complete without a giant slippn' slide?

Thanks everyone. You are all champs.


Jake said...

Looks like they had a blast

4cutegirls said...

My husband had all our kids at the park one day and ran into someone watching your kids. I think it was while you were running your race. Anyway he said something like "my wife reads their (meaning your kids) moms blog". You must have amazing family to take on such a task.