Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Maga's Pool

We ventured to Maga's pool for the first time this Summer. It was a great time. It was even better because we had some people that entertained The Hoard.

That would be Cameron in the middle of my kids. They love him.

Already looking forward to the next swim day. I hope there are lots this Summer.


Maga said...

Glad you can enjoy the pool with us (alot better than our house by the raging creek.) Glad Cameron came along to tend the Hoard.

Jill Clark said...

I love this (and had to steal it). We just love your kids.

Brett and Jessica said...

Wow! The hoard is a handful!!!
By the way, the "living room" is an easy hike in Salt Lake, it would be great for your family. The trailhead is by Red Butte Gardens. The top has a bunch of rocks arranged into furniture...it's probably about 1.5miles one way. Google it.

Jamie said...