Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jenny Graduates and We Cheer Up Brooke

Jenny had her graduation ceremony yesterday, so we all decided to join in the celebrations last night at Chilis. Always a fave. Sorry no pics of the dinner. Duh.

So, I stole one from Jenny's blog.

Can you believe Jenny was only 6 years old when I started dating Trent. Really, she was this cute little midget running around and now she is a High School Grad. Congrats Jenny! And welcome to the world of being an adult...;)

While at dinner I heard Brooke needed some cheering up, so we hit up Orange Leaf for dessert. The best part of this outing was where everyone decided to sit. We took up the whole store.
And what better way to cheer up than to eat some yogurt on a saddle? She may or may not have pushed my kids off to sit there....

And all of my kids threw their ice cream away, but when it looks like this can you blame them? I am going to have to monitor what they put in next time.
(and Orange Leaf's chocolate is disgusting. After I tried it I wasn't about to make them eat it. Aiden described it perfectly when he said it tasted old. But the CAKE BATTER yogurt is to die for!)

After stuffing our faces again, we hit up a local park where the kids tried to do jumping jacks. It was hilarious.

Then there was some rolling down the hill.

And a serious game of Red Rover. My favorite picture is the bottom one with Andrew breaking through and Aiden cheering in the back. You will probably have to enlarge it to see.

It was a great night and I think everyone was a little happier by the end of it.


Luke and Kimmy said...

Im surpised they thought it tasted old with the ice cream in your house.

Brett and Jessica said...

I seriously thought you were showing us a picture of vomit, then I read that it was their ice cream....gross! No wonder they didn't eat it!