Sunday, June 19, 2011

We Survived...

and so did our kids, thanks to Jill and Cameron....and of course their own protective gear:

This was the only picture Jill took of their super fun weekend watching The Hoard. I asked her how I could do a post of her and Cam's awesomeness without any pics? She didn't have a good answer for me.

However, Jill and Cameron are awesome. Not only did they watch our kids, but they had them all over for a sleep, bought them pizza, and took them swimming. My kids absolutely love them. And so do we. Thanks guys!

As for the Ragnar, it was awesome. I am on a Ragnar high and am already planning the next one. And don't worry, a super cool, super long post is coming. I just have to sort through the 100 pictures.


Maga said...

What great runners you are!!! We saw Trent's name in the newspaper.

Jill Clark said...

That girl cracks me up - she probably needed all that protection since I was the one watching her... it can be very dangerous.

We had so much fun watching your kids, they were so good and I honestly just love them to pieces.